Whats Worse?

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Sukhwinder’s mismatched ensemble or Prateik’s formal look paired with a polka dot shirt?

sukhwinder-singh-filmfare-awards.jpg prateik-babbar-filmfare-awards.jpg

Sukhwinder Singh and Prateik Babbar at Filmfare Awards 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh god… i think if a pink wig was put on the 1st guy then that would complete a Queen’s outfit. The 2nd one… god that polka dot shirt and even worse that ring on the thumb just cracked me up

  2. gaaawwwwwd! horrible horrible outfits. sukhwinder looks like he got that coat stitched from leftover curtain cloth. dont even gt me started on the tee and jewelry. and i don’t like prateik at all. his resemblance 2 his mom is scary, but somehow i dont like him. his outfit is something a kid would wear 2 church on sunday may b! if that!

  3. Ahh! It’s hard to believe that such a soulful, passionate voice comes from such a strange man. For some reason, I always envisioned him as a Sardar 🙂

    Prateik Babbar is handsome and totally resembles his lovely mother. But really, a thumb ring? And is he wearing some sort of hat on his head?

  4. i really like prateik! lool yes what he’s wearing is ridiculous for a young dude, but one look at sukhwinder it just makes one realise how much less of an offender P.B is!

  5. that ring if am not mistaken is (or a copy of) a very traditional ring that keralites wear – made of/from the hair from an elephant’s tail – considered lucky for the wearer – the more famous/notorious the elephant – the more luck!


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