From Fab To Drab


Why is it that when I am just about to applaud someone for their improvement, they have to go and screw it up. I had loved this yellow sari on Suchitra at the Women’s day event and although I wished she had worn a better blouse (instead of the strappy one), I had to admit this was a huuuuge improvement for her. Who knew she had it in her?

Alas, the excitement was thoroughly shortlived. Suchitra went back to her drabby ways last night at the Rajasthan Royals bash by wearing an animal print dress. Now, we love a good animal print dress but this one had way too much of it and that gold ‘Dolce’ style lining was just plain tacky. And those shoes…


Left: Suchitra Pillai at Roopa Vohra’s Jewellery Preview
Right: Suchitra Pillai at the Rajasthan Royals Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The sari suits her but I’ve seen better Lucknowi sarees. Also her face looks pretty in the 2nd pic. but the dress looks awful, its like theres so many versions of this same style I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen it!


  2. I don’t like her in the sari. Maybe its the way the pallu is pinned up, she looks like an air hostess. If the animal print dress was more chic, she would have looked fab.


  3. I second the ‘school teacher’ comment. It’s because of how wide her pallu’s pleats are at the shoulder. Had she gone for narrower pallu shoulder pleats or just let the pallu loose over her arm, this look would have worked better. But as is, no way.




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