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Spotted designer Gayatri Khanna wearing a creation by fellow designer JJ Valaya. Valaya’s colored checked pattern was seen at Wills Fashion Week last year mostly in cottons and were quite vibrant. Can’t say the same for the version on Gayatri though. In plain cotton the dress would have worked, but this silk velour-ish version I don’t dig.

Update: Turns out Gayatri was in a Miss Sixty dress also seen on Chloe Sevigny. Thanks ‘geisha’ for the correction.


Left: Chloe Sevigny in Miss Sixty
Right: Gayatri Khanna at LFW 10th Anniversary Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. WTHey!! This is too bad for words. The belt, the length of the dress and the cut/drape whatever u call it is just too unflattering for her. As a fashion designer she should have known that this WON’T suit her body type.

    And Ms. Gayatri Practical Khanna, WHY O WHY would you hang your mobile case on your belt?? Were you getting ready to start serving food or drinks that you needed your hands free of ALL accessories?

    It’s a party for Pete’s sake!! Take it easy.

  2. Okay, I take the mobile case thing back…sort of.

    A quick zoom shows that the mobile case is hung on her purse (another unforgivable mistake) and not her belt.

  3. umm…sorry but i disagree…
    i was there at the bash, and Gayatri looked lovely in person.. the mobile case was linked to her purse and not the belt…
    maybe she did not photograph well…

  4. okay, Payal you were fast!! I just wrote the same thing you said above to me. 🙂 Cheers.

    But we still cant forgive her for that drape. Sits sooo badly on her femme fatale region. Too tacky.
    Much too tacky. And it shines. Oh God!!!
    I need to get off this article. P&P please post something else asap to distract me.

  5. I agree- a cotton or close to cotton fabric would have sotened this up, and then maybe add a bit of flash with her shoes or accessories. But this- I’m afraid we might see some lady bits, with the way it’s riding up!

  6. yikes….
    i am going to have nightmares…
    she does not have the faintest idea how to dress herself, how can anyone trust her to dress them….


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