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It wasn’t a surprise to see Sridevi pick a Sabyasachi sari to wear while at Fashion Week’s opening show. Diamond earrings and a Bottega Veneta clutch finished out the actor’s look.

Let’s face it, she is among the few to do more on top of more and still make it work. But every once in a great while, it’d be nice to see her take a simpler approach… The sari didn’t really need those diamonds (unless they are headphones in disguise piping some fantastic mood music in to her ears).

Sridevi In Sabyasachi At Sabyasachi Resort 2015 Presentation

Sridevi At Sabyasachi Resort 2015 Presentation

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Is that the designer’s label showing up at the pleats near her feet ? And the bigger question is , was it accidental or intentional?

  2. I think the label is at the bottom of the pallu which has twisted!! I still love her though. She looks great with and without the earrings

  3. Both the saree and the blouse are beautiful but not together. There’s just too much going on on the bodice of the blouse, the sleeves, the border and the saree. I think the blouse should have had a simple plain saree with subtle embellishments. Again this is coming from a regular client of Sabya i.e me.

  4. Neither the Earphone diamond earrings nor the sari works for me … Lets face it; that sari is busy and with the netting design .. she is a Goddess nevertheless 🙂

  5. Saree looks like its dipped in bile and desperately needs a wash
    Not a fan of the color or the blouse or the earrings, all of which must have cost a bome each!

  6. Maybe she was inspired by the Dolce and Gabbana fall 2015 show during Milan Fashion Week where the models walked with jewel encrusted headphones.

  7. Are you guys serious? This look is perfect. I won’t ditch anything. Sridevi is such a beautiful lady and has a great fashion sense

  8. That blouse looks odd at her collar, fit issues? I don’t like this blouse and sari together – atleast one needed to be simpler. The earrings don’t work either.

  9. The bodice of the blouse should have been the same shade of red or pinkish red that’s on the sleeve. OR a simple maroon material on the whole blouse with gold embroidery would have been perfect.


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