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Sridevi picked Sabyasachi to wear at her movie premiere, and a wise choice it was considering how great she looked in it. I like. A Sabyasachi clutch and jewelry from Amrapali completed her look.

Sridevi At ‘English Vinglish’ Premiere


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Sorry this is a fail for me! You could be The Sridevi, the eternally gorgeous sari wearer but this outfit is something most suitable for one who is her youngest daughter’s age.. Where is the grace or class in this outfit, pray tell me? The color, those tiers are stuff that will look good on a small girl’s frock, not grown women!

  2. WOW! This look is so fashion forward. Stop nit picking you guys. This look is perfect! And sridevi, what’s not to like about this DIVA ? Hmmmmm ?

  3. what about the tummy show P&P or does her status overcome that too ? had it been somebody else would have been slammed for wearing that tiered saree and the tummy show

  4. Ha this is like outfits on Leena Chandavarkar in one of those 70s movies! Who bless her was a pretty woman in bad clothes. Sabya Fail.

    Also that is a very…smooth forehead.

  5. Such a beautiful face, eyes, smile and body n such a bad choice of outfit for premier.
    neither a lehanga nor a sari not even a skirt. wt the hell is ths..
    i strongly feel Sabyasachi is over rated and if you see his all designs either they all look same or else come out something as substandard as this.

  6. Eh?

    The sari gives me a vintage vibe and not a younger person vibe. The sari is neither revealing nor is it fun, funky or whatever young people should be wearing.

    She’s got a better body than most 20 year olds I know so I don’t see why she shouldn’t be wearing it.

  7. Nope. Not working. She’s a little past the age of wearing little girl flounces. I wouldn’t want to see it on anyone above 25. And that is pushing it. Although it does go with her rather shiny and err.. young forehead.

  8. SriDevi works the dress despite it being age inappropriate. I cannot even imagine a Kareena Kapoor working this outfit. Applaud for this almost 50 yr old lady. Bravo. We should all wish we look remotely good when we reach that age 🙂

  9. It’s a tiered sari how the heck is it age innapropriate? She’s not wearing a mini skirt for heaven’s sake and I don’t see any ruffles that would make this outfit innapropriate for her age. I think people are being unncessarily harsh – the sari is actually stunning I love the work on it and it’s very different, she’s also worn it amazingly well and it suits her. I think she looks great and I think people need to broaden their horizons.


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