Fab Or Drab?

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It isn’t fab. Nor too drab. Just lacking. All that brown/olive makes the whole look so dull! We wish Sophie paired her top with either dark denims or different colored trousers for a total ‘Fab’ look…


Sophie Chaudhary

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Love it-and how unique is it for a B’wood celeb to wear such a sophisticated and well fitted outfit…All one sees most starlets in are skin-tight and skimpy outfits….A welcome change..

  2. You know I have come to like Sophi’e sense of style off late. She usually dresses well and I have yet to see her pull a WTHeyyy look (or do I just not rmember??)
    Anyways…I love the top and she looks nice here. Maybe nothing mind blowing, but for an up-and-coming actress, she pulls herself together quite well most of the time!

  3. not feeling the outfit – and if she is an up and coming actress then she must have been waiting in the wings for ages – she’s been around for years – hardly fresh faced although I guess the slight tweaks here and there help…


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