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Double sighting of the Bebe top…

Bipasha Basu
Sophie Chaudhary


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  1. Although not asked, let me just say it.. Sophie looks way better. Bubblegum pink top, puff sleeves that make her broad shoulders broader, stupid white belt, fugly denims, red hair with weird bangs, neckpiece with ultra huge charms.. all SO WRONG!
    Sophie’s look is something most of us would sport. Simple and play-it-safe 🙂

  2. The top is a bit too fussy, na? I mean, you’d probably get waterlogged if you wore this during the monsoons, there’s so much fabric in those mini ruches and pleats.

    Wearing bracelet charms around your neck is just plain weird.

  3. The black top looks much better. But I think in Bips’ case, the whole frilly look is sort of contrary to her overall body-structure. She is not a petite woman and this look could have been carried off much better by a tinier woman.

  4. Sophie looks better, I thkn the top clashes with Bip’s hair
    Me thinks this top would be great with a high waisted pencil skirt and belt-similar to what Sphie has done

  5. Both of them have pretty crappy styling and that top isn’t flattering on either. But I’d chose Bips simply because I think its a totally inappropriate piece for a formal event.


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