Sonia and Sendhil on Elle:(Un)Covered

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While Sendhil is a familiar face, Sonia may not be one to the vast majority. But, if we have guy readers (wink wink) who’ve grabbed this year’s Sports Illustrated Issue, you’ll recognize her as the first Indian-American to be featured in it.

Elle India features the Manhattanites (in Louis Vuitton) on the Nov issue, both being part of the ELLE25 power list.

Anyone else, getting a Channel V VJ Sophia flashback looking at Sonia? (Damn, did I just give away how old I really am! 😛 )

Left: Louis Vuitton, Fall 2010
Right: Sonia Dara and Sendhil Ramamurthy on Elle India Nov 2010

Photo Credit: ElleNow, Style

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      • Eh, you ladies always mentioned you were in your late twenties, now am thinking early 30’s? lol. I kid. Anyway, i was wondering she looked very familiar (though i was too young to know/remember the VJ’s name) now i know where i had spotted her.

  1. What did the do to my Sendhil’s lovely curly hair and tan…nooo he was sooo gorgeous before. The man we see on the cover is rather generic 😐

  2. Two famous, successful Indians who actually do look Indian and not Caucasian and have skin tones that represent most Indians…and yet they STILL go lighten them so much. Disgusting. Sendhil is 100x darker and more handsome than that pic shows him to be

    • OMG i couldn’t have said it better! Sendhil is frikken sexy but Indian ppl cannot accept him the way he is because he’s dark??? COME ON peoplee!


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