On And Off The Set

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Ms. Kapoor was busy shooting for her upcoming film Thank You in Canada and in one of the stills we spotted her sporting a Topshop floral laceup dress.

Left: Sonam Kapoor on Thank You Sets
Right: Topshop Laceup Dress

On the sets she might have been channeling a girly look but off the sets, it was the total opposite. Hanging out with a fan from her fan club, Sonam was spotted channeling a grunge look in an Acne blouse with laceup boots and an Alexander Wang Willow (her second Wang) bag. Funny, how even the grunge look looks girly on her.

Thanks to ‘Aarthi’ for the Acne/Wan spotting.

Left: Sonam Kapoor
Center: Acne Zip Front Blouse
Right: Alexander Wang Willow Messenger Bag

Photo Credit: SonamKapoor.net

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  1. why does she always wear stuff exactly the same way they were styled in the catalogue (2nd pic-the shoes, the leggings, the cuff, the shoulder bag in a diff color thou) ?? so boring :P… but loving the necklace…can anyone id the droolworthy necklace pleeeease?

  2. I HEART both these looks! 🙂 The first one is sooo pretty. On anyone else, it would’ve looked kinda cheap..but on Sonam, it looks classy and elegant. Also, I like the floral version she’s wearing better than the nude one. Make-up is hot but not a fan of that hairstyle :/
    The second…flawless! Love the necklace and the glasses! HOT!

  3. Sorry but I am over this girl…She comes of as a silly rich spoilt brat who just copies entirely from magazines and whatever other material just because she has the money and the brains to do so…sorry for the rant..

    • i agree with you. i was especially disappointed after seeing aisha. i mean your clothes aren’t gonna start acting for you.
      she does look like page so and so from a magazine. thats rather boring.
      theres only so much personality you can borrow from your clothes.

      • Agreee !
        Some of the other comments here surprise me.. how can the first dress look cheap on anyone else but Sonam? simply derogatory to others! Its sucha cute dress and I can think of atleast 10 people who can look better than Sonam.. With that towel in hand and that same old boring haristyle, Sonam is looking anything but classy!

          • I agree KityPurry! People can say whatever they want about her acting, but denying she has style is just too much. The girl has it and that’s a fact. People should just get over it. And I agree, Sonam can make the most tackiest of dresses look classy on her, she just has that IT factor!

  4. First look is OK, second look is a disaster..
    Ill fitting top, fugly fugly shoes,ozzy osbourne-like outdated glasses, unnecessary jewelry – HATE!
    Another case of Sonam copying the model and trying too hard!

  5. Adore the first look but hate the second (comes across as too try hard to me). grunge (if you could call it that) is interesting when effortless…dont see that here unfortunately

  6. Absolutely lovely! Love love both the looks! Specially the girly/grunge look! This is one girl who knws how to dress and make it look effortless which is so needed in India! P&p can u pls pls Id the necklace! its so stunning!


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