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Wearing Escada separates, Sonam attended a book launch in Delhi on Sunday. Loved the outfit but those big hair pins were a distraction. I wish she’d skipped them.

Sonam Kapoor

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  1. Her make up is always powdery.. also the pins give the look of having stepped out mid way while getting hair and make up done.. the blazer fit and length are off, overall combination is good.

  2. Umm the outfit is..disconnected. There needs to be an element that bring together the whole look which is definitely missing. Less said the better about the hairstyle. She was going for chic and ended up looking clownish.

    • the pins are actually the common gold streak that pulls the outfit together. Just coz she isn’t wearing one colour doesn’t means its disconnected – jeeez!!! Agreed, sometimes she comes off as too experimental but at least she has a personal sense of style (unlike the rest of our ladies)

        • I read something like : personal sense of style.. Sonam got it? A woman who needs stylists and brands like we need clothes to cover body?

          • Its funny is that you pick on these guys without a sense of actual ounce of reality. I’d imagine you to have a bang on sense of style without a team of stylist or brands at your beck and call. And when i said ‘sense of style’ – I’m talking with experience – having worked with these women for over 6 years being a publicist here in Paris. And no – i don’t work for her or any of the brands she endorses so not a sponsored post.

            • doesnt matter what i have behind me or not, if you cant tell whats not great for you by just looking at it, the efforts a total waste. im no fashionista or claim to be, but id not be found in such state if i had star life. anyway dont get so serious.

              n yeah, i have selected few clothes for sonam, and got feedback of her loving my selections, when i made, although she wont know me for sure. (not bragging).

        • darling, come have some seatings at PFW and MFW – it’ll get you unto actual trends rather than sit behind that screen passing comments!
          AX (Paris, France)


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