In Elie Saab Couture

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With the Filmfare Awards being such big event, how do you top a look that is different from every other awards ceremony? By wearing a dream couture look, but of course! That was Ms. Kapoor on Saturday evening wearing a dreamy Elie Saab from the Fall 2016 Haute Couture collection.

I wish we had pics from the red carpet to see how it looked but from what we see, she looked rather lovely.

P.S. The sponsors of the show didn’t allow other photographers to the event, so we are having to use social media pics for now.


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  1. This is quite an editorial gown and she is wearing it rather well. That being said, I am soo over the sheer trend. It needs to die soon.

  2. She looks pretty….but can’t say am a fan of the dress simply because of the way the crotch area looks or the way her face is painted white

  3. Needless to say the “crotch” area does look weird and inappropriate. I wish the peplum layer was slightly longer thus covering the crotch area. Other than that the dress is great and she wears it well

  4. She looks good and I like the gown. The only unfortunate part is that golden flower-embroidery-applique placed right in the crotch area. lol. Most whitewash, so not so common to see her in that makeup. Only the very few light skinned ones like Tammannah and Karisma Kapoor don’t white wash ever.

  5. What is with the endless comments on this page re whitewashed skin? Maybe the pic is just overexposed . At any rate, we’re all aware of the obsession with fair skin in South Asia. Instead of complaining about it constantly on this blog, I wish the commentators would actually bring about or talk about how they’re changing this backward belief !!!

  6. Wow, this gown seems to have garnered a lot of attention on this blog!! The unfortunate (but hilarious!) placement of the golden flower aside, I somehow feel this gown would’ve been more suited to an editorial photo shoot. Remains to be seen how it worked out on television.


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