Well Suited?

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Wearing a pantsuit, Sonam attended a panel discussion about costume design today in Mumbai. She chose to skip on wearing any innerwear and in videos from the event, had to from time to time ensure the jacket stayed in place.

I liked the simplicity of the look but had to question the comfort factor. Why wear something if you are constantly having to be check?

Also, am I the only one who hates this new trend of claw-like nail trend?

Sonam Kapoor

Photo/Video Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I saw the photo shoot images and my first thought was that blazer was just a tad too large on her, and how much better it would have looked I’d she had gone down a size – more fitted but still slouchy.

      To be honest, she should have just worn a half cup bra underneath – if it shows it shows (and looks fabulous), and if it does not mat least it is there for security. Instead, this is kind of like illusion panels – I don’t get them because either you really go for it and are comfortable with that, or you don’t bother.

  1. Sorry but this is really not working with all that fixing, it’s bringing more attention to the cleavage! And anyway what’s so fashionable about an oversized jacket and trouser look? Those claws are scary!

    • In this day and age of highly stylised photoshoots of an outfit being released first and then seeing the real world pics and then seeing how the outfit moves in real life, I almost feel like some outings demand showing a video of the outfit on the person.

      • I’m all for addition of videos. For instance in sonam’s video here she looks hella uncomfortable in the jacket which we couldn’t see in the pics . Confidence is 50% of your look .
        The black pantsuit is just meh and no you aren’t the only ones disliking those nails . Absolutely detest them .

  2. She looks so fresh, pretty and easy breezy but as you pointed it’s surprising that you’d wear a jacket that makes you so uncomfortable. Surely there were many ways to keep it in place without having to constantly manage it


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