Sonam On Elle: (Un)Covered

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Shot in Istanbul, Elle’s Oct spread featuring Sonam Kapoor is quite a delight featuring the very best of designers. Yep, we’re just a tad bit envious.

Catch the rest of the shoot inside.


Left: Amit Aggarwal
Right: Sonam Kapoor on Elle India Oct 2013


Left: Anamika Khanna
Right: Shantanu Nikhil


Left: Sabyasachi
Right: Tarun Tahiliani


Gaurav Gupta


Left: Valaya, Anamika Khanna and Little Shilpa
Right: Suneet Verma Metal Bustier


Manav Gangwani

Photo Credit: Facebook

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    • I agree! I see Sonam as more of a model than an actress. Definitely a fashionista. This shoot shows her fashion prowess!

      Top designers, gorgeous clothes.

      But hold on just a second. How amazing is that Sabyasachi!!??!!! And that Tarun Tahiliani looks incredible in the photo!


  1. Absolutely stunning. Love the expressions and acessories too. Love how great the Amit Agrawal, Tarun Tahiliani, and Shantanu and Nikhil turned out.

  2. Interesting outfits and she wears them well too. Bustier is my least fav, because it seems a cup size smaller. Bend forward, those girls are guaranteed to escape.

  3. I love Suneet Verma Metal Bustier pic.. wish it was shot against diff background ..

    Also look with indonesian Dance head accessory doesnt feel right.. Too bland

    Do not like the Shantanu Nikhil pic .. There is no clarity in the concept ! Looks like an amatuer photographer clicked it

  4. Looks like a joke. Other than Sabya and Manav G. nothing works. Metal bustier looks ridiculous and Tarun Tahiliani has a snake sneaking up from behind her ear.

  5. What’s so special about these photographs having been shot in Istanbul? Besides the one in front of the Blue Mosque, all others could very well have been on shot on a rooftop in Mumbai and a garden in Delhi.

    Sonam looks pretty though.

  6. Oh Dayummm! This is the hottest cover in recent times!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sabya,Anamika and Tarun outfits
    Droolworthy and Sonam is kicking some serious arse

  7. Love the cover. The rest of the shoot is striking too. The Valaya one seems like an ad for an airline though, esp with the SA building in the background.
    The Sabya dress is nice!

  8. Man, how tall is she?? 7 feet?? I dislike the metal bustier, in-your-face kinda boob show there. That aside, she makes a good model. Love the cover.

  9. Whoa…whoaaa… mind’s being blown! just a “tad” envious?! I, for one, am turning positively green! some folks have all the luck…*sigh*
    the outfits are one better than the other..hard-pressed to pick a fave. loving ’em all except the Gangwani gown.
    she looks so statuesque. The metal bustier is especially armor-like. What’s the white conch shell-like thing covering the entire length of her ear/neck in the TT outfit?!

  10. That is her arms? Lol Her arms and waist is half its size thanks to photoshop. And what’s with the eyes closing and the hip twisting, the poses are really funny. The one in Shantanu is most hilarious.I like the Tarun Tahiliani gown though the camera angle makes her look like she is 8 ft tall.

  11. As mush as i like all the dresses i m not liking the photography…much much more could have have been done with those outfits and sonam…she look stuuning in all but for me the lack of creativity in photography killed it all !!!

  12. She reminds me of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The long neck, the chiseled jawline. Beautiful! Sonam makes it work like no other. Every single time. There’s only so much the entourage can do for you.

  13. The Sabyasachi looks amazing and Sonam looks fabulous in all the pics. I don’t get what the significance of Istanbul was though, considering the pics look like they could have been shot anywhere.

  14. How gorgeous are the sabya and manav shots. But i still feel Sonam needs to soften a little it a little subtlety would make her the ultimate diva..She is a smart girl she will get it if she tries…


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