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Mickey Contractor, who’s been shooting Aishwarya for Kalyan Jewellers posted pics of her on his timeline with one of her in a SVA salwar suit and another in a Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna fringe shirt with a black blazer.

Now, we just gotta wait for the end result.

P.S. Anyone else think she’s got the ‘Devdas’ mopey eyes in the left pic? 😛


Far Left: SVA
Left and Center: Aishwarya Rai at Kalyan Jewellers Shoot
Right: Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna

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    • You speak only for yourself. “We” think she is over-rated.
      She looks like an middle aged saas bahu type on Indian tv and that is a compliment.

    • She is beautiful but definitely not the most beautiful in the world. Not even the most beautiful in India or Mumbai for the matter. Beauty is also about pleasant expressions, a warm personality and a kind smile, all three of which she honestly lacks. Maybe that’s the reason Ash has more female fans than male ones especially in the younger generation.
      But you are right. No one can deny the beauty of her face structure.

      • Lol. One thing for sure though is that she is the most hated on HHC. With popularity comes hatred i guess. 😛 All i know is when i talk to some random mid western american or an european the conversation always drift to something like ” oh Aishwarya from your country is so beautiful”.

  1. How does she manage to shed pounds within a few days…defined cheekbones and all! Anyway, I do like her in the kameez. The black jacket is too severe a color and not noteworthy, but manages to hide a rather interesting top underneath. Her make-up is fabulous though.

  2. She looks very good in these pictures. Its very confusing, she looks so different day to day. Maybe its because of the styling and make-up.

  3. Why are you guys hating on her? Honestly, in the west, people think she is so beautiful. She was actually one of the very first woman to put Indian beauty on the map – face the fact. Only after her, did it make ways for ppl like Sonam and Priyanka to get to the West and show case there work/talent (or lack of it). So stop hating on her. I think she is gorgeous. You ppl criticize her when she is putting on weight and now you want to know how she lost in days. Well how can you say she lost in days, do you have pics from Mon-Tues-Wed to compare? Leave her alone man.


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