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Sonam attended the Alexander McQueen Spring 2022 presentation in London wearing McQueen head to toe, but of course. The trench dress is meant to be oversized but even on a tall girl like Sonam looks off. And the boots aren’t helping set proportions right either. I didn’t like. Did you?

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The cost is bad in fit and looks only good to be a winter cover if you have to use it. It’s too broad on her, even on the model it’s boxy.
    Sonam can pick better going by her love for wrongs.

  2. When we would wet our uniform in kindergarten/elementary school, one would always get a back up pinafore. Those would always be two sizes bigger which we would be thankful would return after washing and dry cleaning.

    That’s the feeling I get with this look.

  3. Sonam has a very slim , small face and head …. I don’t feel boxy oversized silhouettes are for her . She looks disproportionate and lost in them. And this trench dress and shoes are hideous anyway

  4. This is not a look for her , someone who claims to love dressing up she needs to research what will look good with her structure . She / her stylist seem to always cut copy paste ….. there is never a twist to make the look original .

  5. Sonam wears her attitude on her shoulders and thinks she can carry off anything and all are to follow her blindly…her clothes most of the time are a joke…


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