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Kajol attended Ashtami festivities on Wednesday with sister Tanishaa and mom Tanuja wearing a blue Benarasi sari by Anita Dongre. She looked absolutely lovely.

It was also nice to see Tanuja in her silk one and rani haar.


Tanishaa, Tanuja and Kajol

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Tanisha looks lovely too…don’t love the one boob show, but for once it doesn’t take away much from the overall look.

    Also, couldn’t help noticing the dissing by omission …ouch. Pettiness isn’t a good color on anyone.

  2. Really like Kajol’s saree, but not the blouse and her footwear.
    Tanishaa’s saree is a lovely colour, but dont like the blouse.
    Like everything about what Tanuja is wearing – its lovely.

  3. Elegant ladies.. like every thing except Tanisha’s blouse. She must be told that she need not display her boobs at every occasion.

  4. All of them look good.
    Tanisha looks good too.
    I did a one boob drape last night and I loved the casual feel of it, dont see anything wrong with it.
    Khoob shundor lagche teen jon ke!

  5. Tanisha and Kajol’s blouses are so event inappropriate, at least Kajol gets a pass on this one..Mum looks the best among the three of them!

  6. They’ve dressed up for a festival celebrating the goddess and yet they are subjected to so much scrutiny over how they decided to cover themselves up. I know it is the point of the blog, but do we really need to say things lie “event appropriate” and “wrong drape” and “one boob show”.

  7. I think we need to start getting ok with a low drape like Tanishaa is wearing. It’s 3 inches lower than Kajol’s not bang in the middle of the boobs.. . I don’t think it can be called a “one boob drape” and I also think we need to stop obsessing over stuff like this.. as long as the overall aesthetic looks nice.. as it does in this case.. I don’t think we should obsess over what got it there..

  8. They all look lovely and radiant. However, something is off about Tanisha’s blouse, (not the cleavage). The blouse seems like a mix and match from a different saree and I’m not a fan. I Think she would’ve fared better with a blouse that matches the punk/fuchsia off of the saree color. Tanuja looks perfect head to toe. That drape/that blouse, all to die for.
    And one can alway rely on Kajol to forego the finishing touches… in this case her sandals..


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