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Not all of her attempted looks may work, but no one can accuse Sonam of being in a rut. This one sure keeps it interesting by changing things up and gets props for that.

Speaking of which, she recently made an appearance in an Anuradha Vakil outfit (via Twitter) looking rather good. And that’s another pair of earrings I have fallen in lust with today. 🙂

(More pics inside)


Sonam Kapoor At An Album Launch


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. love everything, outfit, make up, earings, hair…. She looks great. Please identify the designer. Love the fact she is wearing flats with this outfit.

  2. she looks heavily caked with make up! she’s young and confident and looks best with minimal make up!!! all those layers of warpaint just make her look older. like the outfit – the earrings – not so much (not a big pearl fan).

  3. This is such a common outfit, not that I am complaining. In fact, it is sort of refreshing to see her in something nice and easy (for lack of better adjectives :). I have always believed that Sonam has more earthy feel than glamorous so this really works for me. She looks very pleasant. Those earrings, as you said, are lust worthy. Flats are great with the look but these particular ones are not for me.

  4. Awww, she looks pretty and very girl-next-door. Love the earrings as well!
    I’ve noticed that her makeup is always a little caked on and unflattering. She needs a fresher look in that regard.

  5. another off day for sonam, she has looked so beautiful for such a long time. I think it’s only fare she gives other people the chance to shine 😛

  6. She looks good. She shud not try too hard all the time – in this outfit she looks effortless. But the make up could be turned down a tad

  7. I absolutely love Anuradha Vakil!! She does fantastic work and her pieces are always timeless, elegant and beautifully crafted. Sonam looks amazing here!

  8. Oh my god.
    looking at her gives me shivers. that girl is just..amazing.
    I think the hair could have been a bit more out of her face, just because shes gorgeous enough to handle that.
    and lovelovelove the earrings and the outfit <3
    Sigh. I wish I was you, Sonam. 🙂

  9. lol this just goes on to prove why people call her aunty!!! what kind of fashionista is she!! i dont think she has any style, all she does is copy!! uhh


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