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To no one’s surprise, not only did Sonam attend Anamika Khanna’s presentation at Couture Week, the actor was also photographed wearing an outfit from the designer’s latest collection. Strappy Choos, chain-strap bag, pair of pretty jhumkis, a strong red lip and vintage-inspired do rounded out the look. And while the look lacks all novelty, there’s no denying it still is one that Ms. Kapoor wears well. She did good!

Sonam Kapoor At Anamika Khanna's Presentation At India Couture Week 2016-2

Sonam Kapoor At India Couture Week

Sonam Kapoor At Anamika Khanna's Presentation At India Couture Week 2016-1

Sonam Kapoor At India Couture Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What exactly is this look? A kaftan that is pretending to be a saree?? The top part simultaneously has too much fabric hanging off it and also too little fabric where the midriff is showing. Am totally confused. No, she does not wear this look well. The hair and make up are ageing and so is the matchy matchy clutch and shoes. And that that color is all kinds of blah!!

  2. This one is meh even though the color is beautiful very vintagey color! Even Sonam cannot beat that Sonam (this time) as she has given us much better Anamika khanna looks before! This pales in comparison.

  3. That strange draped-dress will look good only in some particular dainty poses, it seems.. You ve to sit and stand and talk in dainty and princessy poses, otherwise the blouse may flip up or the waist may look too broad, etc. However, the fabric and embroidery is very regal. Red lips were a good addition.

  4. oh, so this is the modular house I heard about….

    the top floor is a mini tent
    the middle floor is a large yurt
    and the two car parking is on the lowest level
    not a fan of this…..
    this girl is an expert at putting things that can never ever ever work together. that’s an art

  5. She looks good and I LOVE Anamika Khanna. Her clothes are a beautiful/wearable twist to traditional Indian outfits. I just wish one could find her clothes at more stores in India. The only place I was able to find them was at DLF Emporio in Delhi.

  6. This is a very interesting outfit, love how Kapoor wears it.
    It is funny we complain about Anamika Khanna (who is one of the more innovative designers) and about Sonam Kapoor’s look lacking novelty (when she always has something new); while not batting an eyelid when people like Vidya Balan, Sophie Choudhry, Diya Mirza etc turn up in same ol same ol all the time.

  7. There was a party in Bollywood very recently and a lot of the celebs were looking really good esp. Deepika, Alia. Even vidya balan was looking nice in a black sari. I’m hoping you’ll post some of the pics soon.

  8. Sonam is carrying the burden of being a fashionista. This outfit has no shape, form or structure. It’s a sari masquerading in the name if high fashion and getting butchered yet again by Ms. Kapoor.


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