Well Suited?

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You know how we feel about sweat-suits.

So… What’s worse than wearing a matching velour suit on a flight? Wearing one to a movie screening. With heels. 😛

Esha Deol At Mumbai Airport

Sonali Bendre At A Movie Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You girls may not like it, but I am all for comfort. I think Esha and Sonali both look great. If I want to wear heels with my sweat suit, I will go for it. Ultimately, it is about what I like and feel comfortable in. I rest my case.

    • You used the term ‘I rest my case’ in an incorrect manner. And I’m sure everyone who dresses horrendously or situation-innapropriately, could use the ‘who cares I’m comfy’ response.

  2. While I agree with you about Sonali, I think Esha looks fine. Give the girl a break, she flew a long haul flight, she rightly chose comfort over all else 🙂

  3. Honestly minus the heels thing it isn’t all that bad. Everybody is allowed to have a lazy day and just be comfortable. I don’t think either of these looks is as horrendous as some of the stuff we’ve to see on the red carpet with hours/day put into a completely disastrous look.

  4. movie screening aside.. these sweat suits are made for flights!!!! so puhleeeez give them a break and them atleast unwind on a long flight!

  5. I guess there is no way to win; there were negative feedback about some of the women in jeans while travelling and same regarding people wearing sweat suits on long flights.
    I would pick Esha’s look any day (including going to movies); Sonali sort of went overboard with the heels. I call Sonali’s look a fashion miss and don’t.


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