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Ms. Sinha wore classic red and black to the launch of the My Ferragamo collection in Mumbai wearing the My Charme flats (the green versions of which are already on my wishlist).

The dress with the flats were pretty cute but what didn’t work for us was the messenger bag. We know it was a Ferragamo event but it (the bag) just felt overkill and drew attention away from a perfectly cute dress.

Sonakshi Sinha at My Ferragamo Launch in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she looks nice….love the red dress…

    but i don’t like the purse at all…
    they remind me of those purses of the 90s which came with looong shoulder strings…not stylish at all, even if it has an unaffordable price tag on it!

  2. we have trouble accepting everything don’t we?? too chubby, too skinny, untoned, flabby etc etc 🙂

    I am glad she doesnt look like a clone of the rest of the btown stars and looks kinda real at least for now..fresh, young and beautiful..

    • I agree- nose-rings look fabulous with Indian outfits but when trying to do restrained Italian chic, its best to leave them home. Its not that there is anything wrong with the nose ring itself, it would add to the beauty of a sari quite considerably. But when worn with an outfit like this it sticks out like a sore thumb and gives her a fresh-off-the-boat air.

  3. she looks nice.
    Though the bag looks cute it would have looked good with some jeans/pants but not this girlish look.
    she should also change her hair style.

  4. the dress is nice, the shoes are nice, the purse is also actually nice….but all separately, not together. the dress length calls for high heels. the flats call for a cute mini. the bag calls for a more boho flowy dress with boots or skinny jeans with a flowy top.
    that said, this girl is just so pretty that she can get away with a few faux pas’.

  5. That nose ring should go. Her face is very traditional and nose ring just adds to it….and looks quite a misfit with western wear.

    Loving the flats!


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