In Ridhi Mehra

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For a recent taping of the show, Sonakshi filmed wearing a Ridhi Mehra jumpsuit. With her hair in a ponytail, the actor finished out the look with Suhani Pittie earrings, an Aé-Te? belt and metallic sandals. She wears the look well; Sonakshi looked nice!

Sonakshi Sinha Wears Ridhi Mehra On Indian Idol Sets-1

Sonakshi Sinha On Indian Idol Sets

Sonakshi Sinha Wears Ridhi Mehra On Indian Idol Sets-2

Sonakshi Sinha On Indian Idol Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It is the outfit a dowager would wear. It is neither elegant nor sexy. Total fail!
    On second thoughts, even the dowagers would give it a miss!

  2. Looks like a bunch of packing peanuts threw up all over her dupatta
    A cartoon character had a bad hair day
    She is all modestly covered up, it has a belt, it has a dupatta. JUST dont get it 🙁

  3. I look at these outfits and send up a silent thank you, because capes as a fashion thing are NEVER going to percolate down to us plebs.

  4. I really appreciate the way Sonakshi has styled herself week after week for this programme. While she is dressed in contemporary clothing, she has taken special care to be appropriately dressed in every episode, where children under 15 are the participants.

  5. What a hideous outfit! cape+wide legs+jumpsuit+belt+ loud colour+ embroidery! like the designer was high when they designed this! WTHeyyy!!!!

  6. There should have been a picture of the back too, especially since it can make/break the look.
    I thought Sonam Kapoor looked good in the outfit until I saw her back and something tells me it is the same case with Sonakshi.

  7. This must be the most unflattering outfit in all of history
    The designer appears to have zero knowledge of a woman’s body
    And no I don’t think clothes need to be fitted to be flattering. But this is just ridiculous. Fabric everywhere and no sense of proportion

  8. It’s one thing for someone to design a garment as baffling as this but whatever possessed sonakshi to don this train wreck. The arms, the cape sleeves, the chunni material…it’s making her look so boxy. Pity because neck up she’s looking good

  9. I guess I am the only one liking this look on her.. Mostly because that color looks good on her & also she has the height to make this work..


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