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At a do celebrating the success of her last movie, spotted Sonakshi in a white shirt and a pair of shimmery metallic pants. A heart shaped chain-strap bag, necklace and River Island mint slingbacks finished out her look.

The tucked in button-down shirt just doesn’t work with those pants. The pants themselves, not feeling those much either. And the bag was a wee bit twee. Ms. Sinha could certainly do better. Let’s call this a Not Quite.

Sonakshi Sinha At Lootera Success Bash

Left: River Island Slingbacks
Centre, Right: Sonakshi Sinha At Lootera Success Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If it was just regular pants and not those shiny weird ones, this look would have been fabulous. That face… GORGEOUS. Love that she didn’t use foundation 3 shades lighter.

  2. You can tell she’s not comfortable with this look by the way she’s holding her bag in front of her, like trying to hide part of her hips with it. Awful pants – maybe someone awfully skinny “could” have worked them, but not her. She should’ve gone for matte skinny pants with this shirt. Face though, gorgeous as ever.

  3. I for one, like this look. The pants might be shiny but its a success bash. For her body type this is a great look. thumbs up!

  4. Yea those pants are not something I would wear 🙁 The bag is from H&M – comes in red also – that may have looked better with this ensemble.

  5. Flawless makeup, edgy/rocking shoes & great white shirt!!

    But why-oh-why those pants? I just dont get it…her midsection isn’t her best least in pants & these pants are the worst!!

  6. Are you guys being serious??? You think avantika looks good and sonakshi doesn’t? Sona looks awesome – what a figure! Avantika on the other hand needs a stylist pronto…. Unless she’s sponsoring this website because that’s the only reason I can think of for that outit!

  7. Why is it so hard for celebrities (as seen on HHC) on the heavier side to wear clothes that fit/suit their body type? From Sonakshi-Avantika-Huma-….! I am sure they all can afford a stylist, if they don’t have one already that is. *smh*

  8. Never thought I’d say this about shiny leggings, but she carries them off and looks more gorgeous than she has in a while!

  9. those are aargghhh pants!! anyway, why no Ranveer post? He was present at the event/party. Saw the film-both are good. But Ranveer is simply magnetic.. and he’s kinetic as well. What an act.. bravo!

    also i don’t know where to say this; in the last scene, when she finds the lone leaf on the tree, there is a single, small embroidered leaf seen, on her dark shawl- i wonder if it was a coincidence, or a director’s touch.. if the latter then splendid detailing indeed!! 🙂


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