Keeping It Casual


We have ourselves a Soha sighting after quite a while. While this lovely lady isn’t exactly lauded for her sartorial choices, she’s always held the promise of ‘potential‘. And we continue to wait. :p

While I understand the need to wear something sporty and casual to the promotion of NBA, the look that she sported, I didn’t quite like. I much preferred her appearance at the ITC event in a blue button-down shirt paired with dark-wash denims and pumps. If only the hair had been under control!

Soha Ali Khan
Far Left, Left: At An NBA Promotion
Right, Far Right: At ITC

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Why is this lady even at an NBA event? Has she ever been a basketball player? Maybe we should send a team of Bollywood actors to the Commonwealth Games then, since real sportspeople seem to be so thin on the ground!
    Oh well, at least she didn’t turn up at the event in a mini and heels!!


  2. It always seems to me that she tries too hard to look like her mother, especially with that hairstyle and her makeup, she needs to update her look and move away from her mother’s era


  3. Se needs to cut her hair short and then grow it out, or get extensions.. her hair + her style always lets her down.. these are not worth a post.. she very rarely ever tries




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