1. Too “young & cool” to wear a real saree but will wear this ridiculous garment instead?
    Dumb! Both versions are dumb!
    A saree should be a saree… 6 meters and wrapped around

  2. Not quite liking the pairing of the pumps and the bag here. Open wedge sandals and a colorful shoulder bag by Antik Batik would have elevated the look and given it an organic charm.

  3. This def is way better than the Soha version. That was awful.

    However, we only get to see this from the left. Wonder how it’s from the right.

    Either way, she’s looking sweet.

  4. The angle in these pictures is very flattering; I too loved her look (except for the pumps) until I came across the left side. Not so great, but still better than Soha’s take.

    • You know, I actually might sympathize. I never wore sarees growing up (as is the case most of the time) – school uniforms then kurta and jeans and the pant/skirt became a go-to. I love love sarees but struggle to carry them off. I can’t shrug off the new sensations that come with wearing a sari suddenly – the midriff baring (and sometimes the chill that comes with the skin exposed there) and the perpetual fear of it coming undone. You need to move differently, walk differently, even climb stairs differently and the security that comes with a pant (or sharara or something) is very welcoming. I know why these “saris” have a liking – because they somehow look as nice with the pallu and all with the freedom of movement (and security) waist down. I even love the sharara saree trend picking up.
      Not all fusion is acceptable – not the monstrosity Shilpa Shetty or Sonam sport sometimes. But wearing sarees is tricky and to me personally a bit restrictive. I like this outfit!

  5. Sara’s look is a clear winner but does it mean that the outfit wins….no way. Stupid design …the only saving grace about it being the muted colours.



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