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On her way to attend an event in Hyderabad, Soha dressed for it in Mumbai itself in an Aapro pant-sari and white shirt. Looks like she didn’t know what to do with the top part going by the way she wore it at the airport and at the event (far right pic).

Question is, would you get yourself a pair? I don’t think I would.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’ve stopped wondering “why would anyone make that?” because I was hopeful enough to wonder “who would wear that?”. Now that we’re being assaulted with one “sari” disaster after another on these very pages, I fear my own aesthetic sense might need a lot of catching up.

  2. One of the nice things about a sari is the combination of structure at the hips and waist and free flowing form in the pallu and the fall that flatters different body shapes and lends itself to different types of interpretations. The garment that Soha is wearing seems pointless. As in I dont see the thought behind the garment.

  3. It is kind of like playing with mom’s sari as kids. On a grown woman it looks clownish.
    Just wear a sari or pants if you want to. Just dont wear them together.

  4. You know what! This can be a great sell in India for all the women who are simply can’t be bothered to actually learn how to wear or drape a sari. Or running late to the office and don’t have the time to put on a sari, then pant-sari is your go-to solution….

    • I go to office in sarees and love every moment of it..applicable to 1000s of young women like me( clarifying in case you credit the effortlessness to my age and experience)…Cotton..Kota…chiffon…crepe..modal silk …they drape like a dream… takes8- 9minutes ..give you that statuesque aura that you see Kangana trying to deliver…and they are way more comfortable( amazingly more so with an elasticised petticoat).
      Wonder why no one experiments with so called classic western outfits to increase their”comfort” for Indian women( remember wearing skirts with leggings in schools?)

      Design doesn’t need distortion.
      Modernization doesn’t need erasing tradition.
      Draping is not rocket science. All you need is love for your roots.
      Thought you should know.
      PS- we wear unalderated pantsuits and skirts too in India.

      • Saree isn’t discomfort or high handed at all.. so true. Once you are used to draping it and wearing it, it’s really damn comfortable and woman body friendly. It’s just distorting an already popular clothing to create something ahead of it.. lack of skill/imagination.


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