Of Florals

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Sobhita did an interview at Cannes with Anupama where both were seen in floral prints, Sobhita in a sari from The Haelli and Anupama in a jacket and dress from Péro. They both looked lovely!

Sobhita Dhulipala and Anupama Chopra

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Lovely, no notes. Also hats off to Shobita for choosing a low-key Insta-led brand over the many designers I’m sure would have grabbed the opp to dress her. We know that’s not a surefire ticket to success.

  2. Does this interview have to be in Cannes? Don’t understand Anupama Chopra interviewing her in Cannes over anywhere else. What is the significance? Who on the international platform saw this or who did they represent? Themselves, their movie or just a trip to Cannes.
    In general speaking about the outfit both of them are wearing florals- no relevance to anything else.


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