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At her panel session on Saturday afternoon, Kiara was seen in a peach draped dress from Alaïa paired with pumps, gold studs and a stack of bracelet. She looked good in it!

Kiara Advani

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Kiara, like Ash, has a perfect face, she’ll look good in anything. But this dress leaves me wanting — it looks like it was inspired by some draping on a Greek statue. That blank patch is so weird.

  2. Genuine question for those familiar with the ways of the industry. Do actresses have a say in what they end up wearing on the red carpet? Or do the big designers push their vision on the stars? Trying to understand why Ash ended up with such poor choices, especially the latter one, given her vast experience with such events. Who does majority of the onus/blame go to? L’Oréal, the designer, the stylist or the star?

    • A big name celeb has final say in wearing something. All their gowns are made well in advance because it has to fit them. A gown may require some minor adjustment on the day of and all big labels have a team to make any of those adjustments. When it comes to international events and gowns, Aishwarya has been a Peacock loyalist. From the pics I have seen so far, her normal stylist wasn’t at the event. Just the designers which leads me to believe, Ash chose to work directly with the designers. As for L’Oreal, it all depends on her contract. At her level, her star power is so big still, that L’Oreal gives her full control over her looks. They may not do so for a newly signed ambassador.

  3. Ah thanks. Makes sense. The second outfit is being uniformly criticized and FSH seem to be getting all the hate. It appears that in the public domain, Aish always gets away with zero accountability, as if it’s all on the designers and the stylists. The dress was no doubt an utter disaster but it’s equally on her to approve it and wear it. And it’s time she put in some effort into selecting her outfits.

    • Actually I take that back, I do see stylist Akshay Tyagi in some of the pics but when you are a larger than life personality like some of our celebs are, the stylists sometimes have no say. They are just there to help you get ready…

  4. In am so disappointed in this Kiara outing. she is so beautiful, usually dresses so sharply.
    This melon/ peach color is washing her out, the design with the patch is terrible, lipstick shade matching with the dress color is not helping either. Kiara came to Koffee with Karan with more pizzaz than this. This is exactly what ‘blah’ would look like.

  5. Its such a washed out look and looks nude. Does total injustice to the lovely lady, but she should have better sense than to have said yes to a blah outfit and color as this.

  6. Even though that patch caught my eyes straightaway, I prefer Kiara’s this look over the pink/black gown. Much clean and neat.


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