Changing It Up

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Genelia hasn’t always wow’ed us on the red carpet but boy does she change that with this appearance of hers!

Sistah looks fierce! And love the pop of color by way of her clutch!


Genelia D’Souza At ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i agree with nefertiti..more than the dress, i was impressed by her amazingly toned legs and body..nice to see an actress who isn’t super skinny but also looks like she goes to the gym..and yeah, she looks great in the dress!

  2. Wow, I was so bored of her boring outfits… This, I totally like! I actually like that she didnt add anything more to this outfit, Perfect!

  3. i need some fashion advice…
    i am wearing a peach dress with black tights….and can someone please suggest what other colour can combine with this outfit,,,thnx

  4. and..v important…tastefully glam and shows some restraint!
    Note to some other OTT dressers featured here- when you have a bow on the dress, a RED big clutch and a shoe w some design detail…you do not need to wear a big necklace/cuff on your arm/shoulder duster earrings!!!

  5. love love love it! her shoes are a bit funky though from the back with the feathers or whatever that is.. .but doesn’t detract from the look. awesome!

  6. I am not fun of short blouse like dresses, no matter what they look tacky and trashy and her shoes are too big that is why it looks las if her feet are getting out of the shoes from that hole in front

  7. She looks stunning! Genelia has very (stereotypically) Indian features, and they serve as a nice contrast to this chic outfit. Granted, the dress could be a tad longer, but, like other people have mentioned, she has a great, healthy, toned body.

  8. @Such: the lady in the blue saree’s her mommy 😀

    @topic: Genelia rocksss!! she looks stunning+flawlesss+everything beautiful…wonder why she isnt b’wood “it” girl, as yet 🙁

  9. –she looks beautiful!! i love it!! …that blue sari aunty looks like shes waiting for a wardrobe malfunction to happen lol

    –@jaanetuyajaanena: that was so sweet!! =)

    –hey payal and pri: i dont know how often this is happening but some grls seem to be asking for fashion advice.. maybe u could come up w/ some other section for that… so they dont get lost in the sea of comments..?

  10. she looks good. amazingly toned body but nothing earth shattering!

    but has anyone wondered why, in bollywood.. red is always paired with black! or black and white is paired with red and white is with red!
    the color choices of all bollywood is a tad safe and conventional! and there it disappoints..

    …a lot!

  11. she looks great!

    and omg the shoes! everyone has a pair here, my friend has them in purple, i have them in blue, and like half the aussie pop. owns them! hehehe

    agree with ar00j about havin a section etc etc. coz so many times one goes through the comments and so many ppl post up posts and stuff.
    and in that section, i guess users can help other users too, seeing as u guys are terribly busy. duh.

  12. love, love, love her in dat dress…n d way she is carrying it….ooohhh!!!!!everythn’s purrrrrrfect!!d hair, shoes( I love her pumps!!), make-up..n of course, d way she chose 2 accessorize it-a simple, in-ur-face, red clutch.
    sigh!y cnt evrybdy dress like dat??

  13. genelia is overrated; cute, never elegant. some women just never are.

    the outfit: it’s something that i can put together living a middle-class lifestyle with no stylist. the black-white-red combo is nothing new.

    what are the weird frill things at the back of those otherwise gorgeous loubutins? and the last picture must’ve been taken in between movements- her “smile” is frozen…or is that just her face?


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