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After Sonam, Shweta Nanda appears in a spread for L’Officiel this month featuring Louis Vuitton accessories. She even dons an LV tank in one while sharing space with brother Abhishek.

Click on the thumbnails to see the high-resolution pics of Shweta and Abhishek.

Thanks ‘claire’ for the tip-off.


Left: Shweta Nanda in L’Officiel India
Right: Louis Vuitton Lรฉopard Nocturne African Queen Clutch


Left: Shweta Nanda in L’Officiel India
Top Right: Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals
Below Right: Louis Vuitton Limelight African Queen Clutch

shweta-lofficiel-india abhishek-bachchan-lofficiel-india
shweta-abhishek-lofficiel-india abhishek-lofficiel-india

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  1. ughh nooooo. i am so sick and tired of seeing bachchans everywhere! they are so overexposed. i miss the simple amitabh and jaya of yore. the new bachchan clan is too flamboyant for my liking.

    not a fan of this shoot at all. nothing works, not the clothes, not the bags, not the people. even the location looks bad.

  2. I cant put a finger on it but it doesnt quite do it for me. If this shoot was about the LV accessories then I am afraid they were totally lost in the upholstery. I had to look at it closely to see where the bag was!

    As much as I like Abhishek, this leaves me quite underwhelmed.

  3. Lame shoot. And what’s with a brother sister shoot? Weird! Maybe they are trying to create another brand now…lol. Abhiskek Aishwarya, Abhishek Amitabh, Abhishek Shweta…uh whatever.

    But that’s a beautful bed she’s lying on, love the bed linen.

  4. I think she looks great, well toned arms, abhi also looks great, especially in the black suit. I am not a fan of LV, but I love her in the saree OTT, but looks great. Wish she had left the flower part on her head out, she has a long face, the flower just adds to it.

  5. The shoes look like they were stolen from a streetwalker on Sunset Boulevard. Also, Shweta Nanda looks EXACTLY like Amitabh Bacchan, which is the most tragic thing that can ever happen to any woman.
    I mean, can you imagine if someone came up to you and said “Hey! You remind me of someone. Oh! You look exactly like Amitabh Bachhan!!”.
    As a woman, it would make me want to curl up and die.

  6. oh dear @comments
    If there is one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that once someone becomes relatively famous (and are therefore wanted as a brand and end up being pictured everywhere)- they get laurels of hate (i.e. Frieda, Sonam, Ash, Bachans…) Celebs are humans too you guys. ๐Ÿ™
    I think this photoshoot is lovely, and I think the sibling thing is cute…but that YSL tank, really?
    Those shoes are to die for <3

  7. awesome!! loveeee it! have seen her in person.. she appears to be a really smart woman with great personality! no bollywood-air abt her!

  8. Shweta has such a strong resemblance to Amitabh that I have a hard time associating feminity with her. I mean I just can’t figure out if she is beautiful or not (does that make sense?). And the spread, inspite of the opulent clothes and setting is still underwhelming, may be it’s the people in the spread! Just not doing it for me.

  9. @ Clueless – totally agree with you, the LV accessories were totally lost in all that rich upholstery, so the point of this being a shoot for LV is a lost cause.

    I do like Shweta Nanda though, I like the way she is able to hold her own despite being a non-celebrity in the way the rest of her family is. She makes a good model for a photo shoot.

  10. Oh my goodness, this is just a mean joke!! Seriously, L’Officiel needs to stop using “Friends and Family” for everything.
    What’s with this shoot? Who styled it? I didn’t even know it was an accessory shoot till I read about it! Where are the accessories??? The location is tacky, the pictures aren’t even pretty (which could have possibly redeemed the story), and I can’t even begin to start with what can only be described as a nest on Shweta’s head?!! It’s a joke!

  11. ok so shweta in black looks like amitabh dressed as a girl..jiski biwi lambi..uska bhi bada naam hai…
    abhishek can;t fit into those shoes..poor guy twisted his foot and he;s just learned how to dance well for Bollywood…and did u super ipose the pic or just manage to make it look that fake
    ok and on the the accessory the sheet or the bed?
    the black inner with big buttons plus the white overcoat with black buttons and the pants with a red line YUCK!
    this is pretty sad..the vest shweta wore could be cool but not with the skirt and who’s pigeon is on her head?
    they used to have a sense of style that mag…

  12. OMG…… L’Officiel did a fab job the last time she was on the cover and this time its the absolute opposite!
    God she must be cursing them for making her look like this!
    Its terrible I cant stop looking at the first pic she looks so manly.. the make up and styling is just not good.
    Abhishek is ok though i agree with Anu about the gay white pants.
    A huge no no for me this one!

  13. No way she does not suit being on a glamour spread, doesn’t have the look for it.
    specially that first pic?? wearing the LV tank with that big skirt!! top half looks so casual like she was just walking in normal life, and the skirt looks to grand.
    Why does she have the no make-up look??? maybe if they glamed up the make-up she would have been more impressive.

  14. this post is probably not going to be approved but i’m going to write it anyway in the hope that it impacts future posts. As a South Asian woman who is gay, it really sinks my heart every time i come to this site and see comments like ‘he looks gay’ and ‘not that i am gay’..etc because i know that it is clearly homophobic. Yet I don’t see the moderators doing anything about it, and makes it ok to say ‘he’s so gay’ and get away with it. It is really sad to see this being turned into an unsafe and unwelcome space.

    • apsara77,
      Agreed. While most of the time we know that a user means that they look more girly, the term they use is gay… From our part, we’ll try and screen better…

  15. Hey, it’s a fashion shoot – not celeb spotting in real life! They wear what they’re told, and I rather like the whole combination on this look. Of course I don’t find each piece drool-worthy! As long as Baby B’s legs are, skinny jeans look far better on him than most guys

  16. I like the photoshoot , it is reminiscent of Renaissance era.
    I am in love teh background setting for Shveta on the bed and Abhi in front of a portrait.
    Over exposed , yes they are . But this is what media thrives on and giving fodder to people like us.
    I admire the creativity of people who are always trying to present a different look for the same people . :0)…

  17. i don’t like the feather thingy..
    shweta got nice body.. after two kids…she lost a lots of weight in recent years.

    creating brand or no brand.. it’s a cute photoshoot..

  18. Abhishek looks ridiculous in that last picture with white pants! Totally reminds me of Amitabh Bachchan’s ridiculous get up in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

  19. she looks ugly and no amount of photoshop can change that!
    Whats with L’officiel and hte bachchan’s??Do they have shares i nthe mag or what?

  20. Can I just say that I like the scruffy Abhishek so much more than the clean-shaved Abhishek! He’s just completely Sexy with some scruff on his face! HMMM!

  21. I don’t see what people find creepy about the brother-sister pose. The picture doesn’t give off any weird vibes to me (and I have a whole mess of brothers).

    Personally, I find Shweta quite beautiful. She isn’t delicate and pretty, but she has gorgeous, strong features and a healthy, toned body. Her cheekbones are great!

    I’m glad the shoot doesn’t scream Louis Vuitton like other LV shoots do (with monogrammed everything). It’s not amazing, but it’s still a pretty good fashion spread.

  22. Shweta is looking nice for a change else she is always horribly dressed Jr. AB on the other hand …hmmm not so good in these pics

  23. celebs are humans, but by virtue of being celebs, they create superhuman images. We are merely commenting on the latter. I don’t know the bachchans personally, so I can’t judge them as people. I can only form an opinion on how they project themselves.

  24. like clueless stated the lv accessories are lost…one could play ‘where’s LV’?

    i like shweta, she has made her own image, yes she’s a bachachan but then its her…(ok doesn’t make sense!)

    Abhi needs to bring back his stubble! and yes i don’t think the spread is anything ‘wow’ inducing!

    bro sis spread is cute though…hmmm i wish i had a bro…

  25. @ apsara77
    I totally agree with you!

    @ Penny Lane
    You’re talking like they’re identical twins, when they’re not. Sure, she has the same facial structure as her brother…BIG DEAL. What’s wrong with having strong family resemblance? I think she’s a beautiful girl, just because she looks like her brother doesn’t mean she has to hide all her life…

    I agree that the accessories are hidden by such lush backgrounds. Also, she’s not showcasing them properly in the shoots…you can’t even see her shoes!

    Amitabh looks fierce!

  26. Are all the models in India dead? As if movie stars were’nt enuf, now u’ve got their family members too.
    I think they were tryin to recreate royalty, maharajas and the like in this photoshoot. But abhishek in the white pants looks totally whacko ( and that’s not in a good way). I love the settings though!

  27. Ever since Christian Siriano (the best ever according to me at Project Runway) started using word “Fierce”.. people have started using it here and there and they use it irrespective of whether it deserves to be used at a place or not.. Coming to this shoot, I like Shweta Nanda have always liked her, she has a strong personality, coming to Abhishek he just looks ridiculous to me here.. these kind of clothes will look better on Hrithink because he has the appropriate face cut for them..

  28. Shweta is who I would call jolie-laide…she has an interesting face, and a bod to die for. Kinda the michelle obama quality…love the look…

  29. i don’t see anything wrong with the brother-sister poses!
    and i think she looks like a beautiful, strong personality. SO much better than her brother who seems to try too hard all the time!

  30. Wow! I’m surprised at how many of you think she’s unattractive. I’ve seen daughters who REALLY look like their fathers, and trust me, it is and unfortunate hurdle they have to jump over. But I think Shweta is just the opposite- she’s inherited much of Amitabh’s strong features, but they are nothing but feminine. She has a strong, graceful face (much like Lakshmi Menon) that I would love to see on American mags like Essence and Ebony.

    But now- the clothes. I always find Abhishek to be too done up for my taste- he’s always overly stylized, even in a t-shirt and jeans! In a photoshoot, however, his looks are very fitting. I am drooling over the Nocturne clutch, and the Spicy’s are a nice mix of vamp and kitsch. Too bad you can hardly see it!

  31. @pdaervo
    Not really….

    Agreed @PeachBellini ‘ s cpmment that we cant judge celebrities as a common people or as an idividual. we judge them, their fashion sence and their style based on how they project themselves. And thats what public figures are meant to be. And they know it too… celebritiies dont expect them to be treated as a simple human…

    So would I do… pesonally I am a big fan of bachchans but I have to say here… this photoshoot is no special.. the accesories are hidden.. and something is lacking I cant put my finger on it.

    I sure appreciate sweta’s body after two kids…. amazing…

  32. Okay we were just missing her and now the whole family is on our face, by the way I am not trying ot be rude but she is not model material, she doesnt have the face for it

  33. I think Shweta Nanda look really good here considering she is a mother of two and not a celebrity in the real sense, but she does manage to hold her own.

    And as for looking like Amitabh Bachchan, she is his daughter after all and will look like him. Now if she didn’t look like him, questions would have been raised saying ‘Oh, she doesn’t look like her father at all.’ \

    And Abhishek too looks quite fierce here. Not his usual self at all

  34. ok firstly i dont think shweta looks bad…i have seen her look pretty amazing in reality and in lofficiel before…but this time she really must not be happy ….she can resemble her father…and still look nice…and soft and delicate and all those things but in the black pic…they havet got that and so to publish it is a bit mean…

    also on the bed she looks in her FACE…but its such a pointless shot..can see the accessorise or understand what she;s wearing the background is WAY to overpowering…i think stylists need to remmeber WHY they;re styling something in the first place…SPECIALLY if they claim to be A HIGH FASHION MAGAZINE>>>please respect us as readers to know the difference

  35. this is an awful shoot. LV and Bachchans is all that l’officiel can do… i can see the amount of photoshop on these images… see the cover of the mag has the lv trunk but they are sitting on something else in the picture published here…. what is with the styling anyway… a tank top with a big feathery ruffled skirt is the best they could come up with??? simply unforgivable!

  36. Whoa, I cant believe almost everybody thinks Shweta looks bad! She looks beautiful in this photo shoot (And I would love it if somebody tells me that I have my Dad’s features). I find this photo shoot very vibrant and interesting although I have to agree the LV accessories are lost in the thousands of other accessories around her. But she looks good and I have no complaints!

  37. @me – hahah

    i think the bedpread and all the luxe futniture makes the LV accessories blend in too much.. so not so great shoot..

    she looks fierce though.. photoshopped or not..


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