In Vidhi Wadhwani

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Shruti was photographed in Vidhi Wadhwani while at an event promoting her upcoming movie. With her hair in corn rows, she paired the separates with white high-tops. Now this look seems right up Ms. Haasan’s alley; she wears it well.

Shruti Haasan In Vidhi Wadhwani For Welcome Back Promotions-1

Shruti Haasan At Welcome Back Promotions

Shruti Haasan In Vidhi Wadhwani For Welcome Back Promotions-2

Shruti Haasan At Welcome Back Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Its like her upper and lower bodies are from different events with different dress code. Those shoes are bulky enough to knock out a sumo and don’t belong here, or anywhere for that matter. A pair of thong sandals or cute slip on would have tied this whole look together. As it stands, it reminds me of those ladies at beaches in goa in salwar suits and bulky sports shoes 😛

  2. The hair and the shoes are horrible. In what way is the skirt “designer”? My tailor stitches way better clothes including skirts. The skirt is horrible.

  3. Everybody is copying something from’s called being inspired. Is it a different look. Yes..Doe she look comfortable? it a cute look…yes yesss yess..personally she look much better than Kylie etc parties who wear this style here cozz they r usually trying hard.agree the skirt is horrible.kudos she still makes it work..rant: p


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