WTHeyyy: ITA Awards Edition

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Many of you thought that the women featured in the ‘Not Quite’ Brigade (check them here and here) should have been a WTHeyyy.

But, one look at this person inside and you’ll know why we saved the best(or in this case the worst) and the most deserving of the title for last! ;)


Shraddha Nigam, ITA Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. lmao. pretty sad considering that she’s a newlywed (married to Karan Singh Grover.)
    why he let her walk out of the house looking like that is beyond me.

  2. Is that her belly fat bulging out. Oh eww. What was Karan thinking. Oh and the corn rows. Wow. How can anyone actually walk outta the house like that

  3. Boho Chic gone wrong ! Babe must be doing a Sienna Miller Kate Moss to herself. Only the petticoat slid down her bump. Don’t think she knew she was going to flash :))))

  4. What is possibly right about this pic?
    1) The large forehead with the hair tied back
    2) The goldy gold outfit with that skirt in a shade of brown
    3) The bulge with that hair line

  5. knowin sharaddha this is expected frm her (bad taste, that is)….the last awards show she was dresses in a similar disaster so this is nothin new…….but hair is killin me…


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