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I love lehariya and I love color but these saris I just can’t seem to get on board with. Much too busy for me. Even the fabulous Ms. De seems overwhelmed in these prints.

One of these saris was bad enough, but to have worn two versions back-to-back was just a bad call. No?



Shobhaa De
Left: At The Week Awards
Right: At I Am She Contest

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. got to hand it to her she looks fabulous for her age, and without looking fake and plastic like some other socialite types I can think of. The sarees a bit tacky looking though, and I usually love bright colours and clashing prints, but this just looks cheap and gaudy.

  2. I will never understand why people like Mrs. De become fashion designers, she really doesnt have any asthethic sense whatsoever. Be it her cheap, garish wardrobe or her overprocessed hair. She looks insanely fabulous for a woman over sixty, and I really wish she would hire a stylist who would do her beauty justice and give up this silly ‘designer’ charade

  3. I liked it when she wore saris but the ones that she designs (i am sure this one too) are an eyesore. The necklace is probably rekha’s from umrao jaan i guess..

  4. I love the sarees…though not on her. The horrid accessorizing and the chamak-dhamak blouses have killed the beauty of the sarees completely though!

  5. i wouldn’t wear them myself however i think they look nice on shoba. the saris come across as funky, fun, cheerful and bohemian. perfect for a bright summer’s day.

  6. Having seen Ms De a couple of times in the 90s when she wore really nice sarees and looked quite elegant and then seeing the posts here I can only conclue that the woman has lost her way – and badly.

  7. So gaudy. Where is the classy De? Her face looks nice in the pictures on the left, but common Ms.De, you can do better.

    On the subject of sarees, our President is wearing beautiful Orissa sarees during her visit to China.

  8. True but you’ve got to give her credit for sporting ethnic designs/materials rather than falling prey to bling & the trashy sarees we see on celebs, particularly starlets.

  9. Horrible saree, she should stick to writing about others….not good at desinging for others. They are both OTT, and tho she is fab, its totally hideous…

  10. Its in the colors.In fact I have designed a similar black red and white…and it looks fab.I can say so coz whenever I wear it people actualy ask me where did I get it from.
    But all these rainbow shades are just not working..for

  11. Those saris look like something a four yr old would make for her class ‘project’. Ms. De should get out of designing pronto and stick to what she does best – writing soft-porn novels!


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