Another City, Another Sari, Another Plus

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We can’t review Shobha De’s latest book yet, but we can rate the outfits she has chosen to wear for each of her book launches in various cities and, she gets a rave review! Love the choice of saris and jewelry but more importantly, she wears them well!

Of course, she seems to have a thing for gold/metallic halter blouses since she has paired her sari each time with it (and repeated her one set of jewelry for Delhi and Bangalore, and then another one for Calcutta and Chennai), but she knows how to work it, and she certainly has!

In Bangalore
In Delhi

In Kolkatta
In Chennai


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  1. Though I don’t like this lady, I have to say, really well done.
    The yellow is AMAZING – just the perfect hue for her color and shape.

  2. I think Chennai was one of those rare moments in her life. Please revert back to her picture where she is weraing one of her own saris (white, blue and lotsa shine) and she looks close to a tramp in it!

    So much that i can review Shobha’s choice of phrases, topics and saris anytime – GHASTLY!


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