A Face Off

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Shobha’s look at a recent event reminded us of Nandita’s from a while back where she too paired a kurta/tunic with a crinkled silk skirt… Who according to you, was the one to wear her look better?

P.S. You can check out more pics of the NDTV Event here.


Left: Nandita Das At ‘Kanchivaram’ Premiere
Right: Shobha De At NDTV Lumiere Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The usually impeccable Shobha De spoils this with a black skirt, that looks more like a petticoat with the rest of the attire.

  2. I find blue a very difficult colour especially as a blouse or tunic. They dont really go well with blue denims or black pants. White pants maybe… but blue is a difficult colour to coordinate.
    So i dont blame Shobha if it didnt work out well.

    Can any one suggest a good colour combo for a blue like that??

  3. I dont like Shobha’s outfit, it looks weird, I think for a woman blue can be successfully matched with a green or a yellow…

  4. as much as I love nandita das, her ‘look’ pales in comparison. the red is jarring. however, shoba does not look amazing either but her ensemble flows better relatively.

  5. echo flower power….crinkly top and skirt…and both w a flare or bit more volume at the bottom/hem at that…not a good thing!
    nandita fares much better in this face off…but in an absolute sense the fit of her blouse and the fall/drape of the skirt seems less than flattering too.

  6. i prefer nandita any day!! i am a big fan of shobha’s and love how she looks even at 60. however, there is just something about a 60 year old trying to dress as eclectically as this. i htink it is time for shobha to “class” up her look a little, in general.

  7. The cut and length of Shobha’s kurta go very badly with the flared skirt. Also, the jewellery and big hair aren’t doing her any favours.

    Nandita’s kurta is straighter and shorter, giving her an elegant, streamlined look. I think Nandita’s look would be even better if the skirt were a few cm longer, but I like it even now.

  8. I didn’t expect this from Shobha.. I htought one look at those pieces would tell you that they would not go together at all ..both crinkly .. both flaring at the hem.. I expected Ms.De to know this ..

  9. Neither looks good, they both look awful!! I just don’t get the concept of wearing a tunic (or a tunic length kurta) with a skirt!!! If one does want to pair an ethnic kurta with an equally ethnic skirt, why not wear a shorter length kurta with the skirt??? Whatever is wrong with wearing tunics with good ol’ jeans??

  10. Shobha’s is a case of ‘match much’ on the top..see earrings and a sudden urge to colour block with the skirt. And the flare of her kurta makes it look like a skirt under a skirt.


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