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Shilpa taped episodes of Super Dancer, wearing two sari inspired outfits.

Now, we all have our breaking points when it comes to the sari. Some are purists and prefer to just leave it alone, some don’t mind a bit of experiment, and then there are some who love an out there design. Me, I fall somewhere in between, which is why I don’t mind the Qbik but the Reeti Arneja is just bit too costumey for my taste.

Actually scratch that. All I see is an embellished lungi paired with a bedazzled blouse with attached dupatta and I hate it.

What are your thoughts on the two outfits?

Left: In Qbik
Right: In Reeti Arneja

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Reeti Arneja is a contemporary spin on antariya utariya. As such inetresting enough

    The one leg protruding drape like Qbik is a pet peeve, it always seems disproportionate.

    • Aaah, that’s what it is called. (I was reminded of it cuz of the old mythological shows featuring apsaras but didn’t know the name.) Thank you! Learned something new today.

  2. I don’t mind a bit of spin on the saree…may a fun blouse or a different drape. But anything that Bollywood sells these days is so tacky. I remember back in the 90s when everyone was copying Madhuri’s purple saree from HAHK or those dreamy chiffon sarees in Yashraj movies. Bollywood is just cringe now and the above outfits are prime examples.


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