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While some of us can’t remember what it’s like to travel anymore, for some, work has them jetting in (or out). One thing we can all easily recall, is that what passes for “comfortable” when travelling is one heck of a broad and fluid category!

Tamannaah on her recent flight in to Mumbai opted for activewear and well, her choice was just a touch cringe-y. Comfortable as she might have been, the newly cultivated germaphobe in me can’t look at the picture for too long.

Tamannaah Bhatia

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Looks like she was photographed while trying to remove her shirt midway. Just don’t understand the design at all.

  2. How is this remotely comfortable. Like ur arms are not cold so they need layers but ur torso is fine? Atleast pair those sleeves (may be they are extras u get in sleevless salwar suits) with a tank top of the same color palette.

  3. Looks like many things, like the top us size small and got caught up while wearing;
    like it’s pulled up to show off the sports bra or riff;
    but what it doesn’t look like is a look. the bra color goes way too contrast with the soft pink and really throws off

  4. It is sad educated confident successful women have to wear clothes like this for attention

    I am probably going to get a bunch of backlash about women and choice and freedom and liberation etc.
    But it is a fact
    not seen ONE male celebrity wear pants with their underwear exposed

  5. So much efforts to flaunt those abs. It shows naturally in regular clothing, doesn’t need to be shoved right in your face!

  6. I know these cropped sweatshirts ( or whatever they are called) are starting to be a trend ( which I can never embrace personally), but I have seen people salvage it by wearing tanks or camis under it. The sports bra look is cringeworthy- like the pic was snapped while she was still getting dressed.

  7. So guys I recently learnt these are called “arm crop tops”. I’ve seen some fashion bloggers pair it with bandeau tops and tank tops.. I could never carry it off but they definitely can.
    Tamanna definitely cannot carry this off. due to the buttons and the neckline, it looks like a pulled up sweatshirt.

    I do agree. It’s a strange trend I cannot abide by. I’m telling my self maybe generation gap is real thing lol!


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