Sloppy Joe

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If anyone can carry off that look, it should be Shilpa the-body Shetty. Should but doesn’t. The whole look was just so sloppy and, does nothing for Shilpa. Or us.

P.S. Shilpa is wearing a Zara top. Thanks ‘Juhi’ for the ID>

Shilpa Shetty At An Iosis Spa Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My grouse is different from yours.. shilpa never changes her hair…it just makes her face look like its stuck in time..wish she would experiment more..

  2. Say what? She looks good. Like the way she changes it up. But how skinny are her wrists. And i thought mine was the only one which could pick the last of the chips from the pringles container without having to tilt it. Ha!

  3. Why not, I think she looks stunning. The dress has just the right kind of volume for her height and she’s kept the accessories stylish and simple. Works for me!

  4. love her hair and red top. If I were shilpa, I would get rid of the mirror attached to her bag, the mirror is supposed to be place inside the bag not outside.

  5. I always loved Shilpa for her curvy,perfect body….but she looks like she needs to eat something right away.Look at her knees and and hands I see more bone and less skin.Sigh.

  6. you guys are a little harsh – this is a stunning look. she makes clothes look good. just a dolly and something so simple works so well on Shilpa.

    You take it too easy on others who dress far worse – Genelia, Malaika (money could never buy class) and the biggest offender of them all: Ash!


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