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After a gazillion Vuittons, a couple Balenciagas, has Ms. Shetty found a new favorite label? We’re talking about Goyard, a monogrammed tote version of which Shilpa was spotted with at the Mumbai airport.

And it’s not just Shilpa who has Goyard fever. Look inside to see which couple was spotted with matching Goyard bags. 😛

Shilpa Shetty at Mumbai Airport

Mr. Bachchan is also spotted with the Goyard bag in Bbuddah.

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan at Mumbai Airport

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  1. I don’t like the Goyards featured here, they seem to have that cheap, plastic-ky look. Mrs Bachchan looks like a head chef at a hotel restaurant.

  2. just wondering, how can these big bags be organized & used.
    if u stuff clothes in it – it is one use.
    but what other ways can u use such big bags, wont things get mixed up ???

  3. Oh God! Warn people before showing them pictures like this! There is something so vaguely disturbing about an august personage like AB wearing a velvet tracksuit.

  4. Shilpa in other words, is synonymous with tackiness. No matter what she carries, it smacks of plastic, common, and over the top. The bag is so repulsive, it is cringeworthy

  5. Can you please, pretty please put up the Big B and Boss B (hahaha aka Jaya) in a WTHheeey???


    I almost DIED. lol

    And…from JaySean’s twit pics, seems like the A-listers get their own luxury suites on planes…aka celebs simply do not need to wear such filth when getting on a plane anymore!


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