Shilpa On Grazia India: (Un)Covered

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If you thought Shilpa Shetty sizzled on the cover of Grazia’s May issue, you gotta take a look at these pictures!!

Thanks ‘Divya’ for pointing us to Shilpa’s scans.


Shilpa Shetty On Grazia, Jun 09


Swapnil Shinde, Spring 09


Lecoanet And Hemant, Spring 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. usually i love the blowing the hair photo shoots… i think its very femine and sexy. But this one is just weird… the way hair landed when the camera clicked.

  2. Oh My! She looks stunning, probably th best shoot i’ve seen her in – the cover is still my faviourite! And the Hemant dress is so much nicer without the belt! the belt looks so unnecessary on the runway model… I’d like to see this look on Shilpa more often…

  3. OMG…i usually don’t like her..but i love the second picture..has more character than plainly looking hot in tiny clothes..

  4. The dresses are pretty, the photoshop job is awesome but it takes a lot more than that to make Ms Shetty look cutting edge and avant garde.

  5. Apart from Ms Shetty’s awesome figure there is nothing to like in this spread. The white background does nothing for the white top.. I can barely see it! The Topaz garment is an utter mess, its ruched, crumpled etc. About the hair – its ok to do the wind blown look if the hair is of medium length but when its this long it just looks like it has a life of its own.

  6. She looks like a fantastic gazelle who is about to take off. She looks amazing and I am loving, yearning for and craving for the clothes….Oh, and I would also like to have Shilpa’s hair too!!

  7. That picture in the white top, black skirt, with those cool a$$ glasses — very very cool. Probably one of the best pictures of her I’ve seen. Reminds me of Nicole Scherzinger somehow…maybe the long hair.

  8. lol shes trying tooooooooo hard!! and was up with the hair in thend pic lool!! n bad photohopping!! i had to read to c who it is!! lmao

  9. lol rabbi, you and your millions “high fashion” comments. anyways, it looks messy and not sexy at all. hate the big white shirt and her pose in that pic. looks weird.

  10. i am going gaga about everything here the clothes,shilpa infact this is one of her best spread ever….please do the same for her voue shoot i love it

  11. Like I said before, SAME FACE SAME POSE…Does she ever change it up in photo shoots? Like maybe crack a smile once in a while. I bet if you did a video of all her photo shoot photos, her face and expression would all be EXACTLY the same LOL.

  12. I think Shilpa looks fantastic & the doll shoot in the Grazia is definitely a new concept. I feel other magazines need to really take their so called out of the box thinking on to their pages. Here’s a cue people!!


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