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At the recently held awards event, Shikha was photographed in a dress by Brinda Rathi. Metallic pumps and jewelry from Anmol rounded out her look for the evening. She wears the dress well.

Shikha Talsania At IIFA Awards 2019


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Why can’t we be kinder? Sleeves make her look wider? Can we not be so nitpicky? She looks fabulous and much polished (as sad as it makes me to say this) than the too-much-frills Deepika look! I love that Deepika is embracing more bolder fashion choices but her personality is getting lost (read sleek/sharp/punchy)…Someone please bring back our charismatic Deepika!

    • a) If you want everyone to be kind, be kind to everyone. Let’s not reserve it for only people who aren’t slim. Wonder if ‘sleeves make her look wider than she really is’ about a slim person would evoke the same response from you.
      b) Deepika’s personality and her personal sense of stlye are as sleek/ punchy/ sharp as cardboard.

      • @donkey: That is my point…to look beyond the wide sleeves…slim or not. When I read that first comment, I thought it made an underlying assumption as Shu (thank you!) has mentioned below. I was looking at how she carried this monochrome dress which she is doing a great job of. What I meant about being kind is simply why can’t we stan a good ‘overall’ look as Shikha does here!

        @BrownEyedGirl: I wish I could be a social justice ki warrior. You are right, clothes fall better on fitter people, heck — I wish I was in that group. I don’t mean to shame anyone and apologies to anyone if that is how my comment came across. I am not perfect either and definitely not a saint when I comment on this blog but increasingly find myself becoming more sensitive and kind 😉 about critiquing the overall look rather than individual elements (especially shape/size).

  2. It’s a fashion blog where every look will be dissected for what it’s worth. No one commented on her body or skin color or shamed her for not being the ‘fashionable/ skinny’ body type. Then what’s the problem? If all outfits looked equally good on all body types and all height then all the designers should shut shop and we would all be wearing gunny bags. Why pretend that differences don’t exist, why not accept that they do and be okay with it. Why not accept that clothes fall better on fitter peoplethan on unfit people and it’s okay that they do rather than pretend otherwise and shame someone for saying it out loud.

    Also who are these social justice ke warriors to discipline others as per their world view.

    This ‘right to be offended all the time’ is getting tiresome you guys need to get a life.

    • “Her sleeves make her look wider than she is” has the inherent assumption that somehow being wide or bigger is bad. And this kind of inherent bias is harmful to people who might be bigger or wider. Of course differences in size and shape exist, but we can be careful not to shame people, even in slight or implicit ways.

  3. Doston, mere do paise – She looks lovely. Dress colour suits her. Make up is impeccable. She looks lovely in a nice normal way. My only peeve – her pose with hands on the waist. That is the only thing unflattering here.

  4. As a young fat woman, I was often told to wear what would flatter me, make me look less wide and hide away. I wish I had had this young woman’s confidence to not shrink away and make a simple but striking political comment with her choice of clothes.


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