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Sharvari was seen in a floral print Masaba sari while visiting the Ganesh pandal at the T-series office. I’ve still not warmed up to these Masaba shrug blouses but my bigger issue is with how curated this look feels.

Sharvari Wagh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Yes, I agree…. me neither… the sari palu looses all its grace and this looks like a uniform vs. a body embracing Saree…. Love the color and it would be so much more impactful to let the pallu down and flow..

    • Yeah these BW women have zero common sense. There is a protocol for how you should dress for religious events.

      They should hire someone sensible or Google for temple scenes and learn how to dress for such events. Its easy peasy.

      SO caught up in their greed for showing off their gorgeous bodies!!!

        • This does not fall in shaming bodies in any sense, I think the essence of what was said is that it looks completely event inappropriate and is ridiculous to be wearing this attire to a Pooja. It Would have been the same comment if a Bollywood actor had turned up in ganji and brief shorts.
          Purely out of respect to the theme here,
          But I understand that it is too much to expect this from Bollywood actresses, that are too caught up in getting visibility . Sensibility be damned!

    • Hard to explain but dated could be wearing something that was a trend a while ago and you don’t look as comfortable or at ease wearing it and it shows. But, there are personalities who can wear anything and own it because they have that inherent sense of confidence. Curated is when you’ve over thought out a look and it doesn’t feel effortless. In this case, the whole pleated pallu, the sleek hairdo. The fact that it took a team to get ready for a 5 min appearance to take blessings. And this isn’t just about Ms. Wagh. Folks in general (internationally as well) have gone a bit bonkers about outings.


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