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At promotions of her movie, Sharvari was spotted in a pink ruched Frisky mini paired with Kaka Sumi sandals. Between the dress giving Dolce vibes and the sandals, Manolo ones, I already wasn’t very impressed. This look was another one that felt very lazy styling. Just a messy ponytail would’ve elevated this look so much more. As is, just feels very meh.

What say you?

Sharvari Wagh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Looks like lingerie to me, but then when a bralette can become a blouse a slip can for sure turn into a formal dress, must be a women’s liberation thing… what do I know!

    • LOL…I think the likes of you and me have gotten women’s lib movement wrong…it’s not about equal rights and responsibilities…it’s liberation from good fashion sense!!

      As for this look…only the color of the dress is appealing. As Payal mentioned, the cut is very Dolce-esque and not a very original design obviously.

      • Yeah I am quite astounded by the movement that seems to be sweeping India these days, every stupid thing done by these celebrity women is seen as women’s empowerment.

        I feel before Deepika and Jhanvi started wearing bralettes in public women were chattel, and chained to their grindstones at home 🙂

        and when these assembly line manufactured beings started wearing bralettes and underwear in public Supreme Court decided “OK fine Indian women deserve education and voting rights!!” 🙂

        Har cheez “befitting response” to women’s oppression nahi hai, aur na hi Bollywood bralette wearers RBG hain!! Many many Indian women fully clothed hokar bhi empowered hain (sadly)!! 🙂

        • I don’t see anyone on regular streets wearing these clothes at all…very limited to maybe pockets of Bandra and South Delhi…Indian women are more sensible than this!!!!

          • That is because, if any one dares to say opinions like ‘Dress is too tight’, ‘too revealing for the occasion’ or ‘whats the need of such skin show’, they are being stamped as ‘anti-feminist’, ‘pulling women down’, ‘people like u are the reason for women suppression’ 🙂

  2. The dress is doing great disservice to the otherwise pretty and sweet looking girl 🙂 nice to see a fresh face at HHC so bored with the usual 5 ladies you post day after day.

  3. I didn’t like the dress, but she sure does look good and the shade of pink suits her ! Btw those sandals would have been nice without the tassels

  4. I think she looks pretty cute and love the sandals. She feels so comfy in it and fresh, and doesnt look curated, but fairly authentic. Plus 1 from me!

  5. Face and hair looks good. Even the colour of the dress is great. Maybe even some accessories or a jacket or layer in top would help bring the otherwise meh dress together


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