Second Time Around

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Last time he went the metrosexual way with the glittery butterflies, this time he chose the naughty biker route!

I just wish he’d lose those weird tapered denims and the long locks!

shahid-wrist_band-1.jpg shahid-wrist_band-2.jpg

Shahid Kapur At The Unveiling Of Kismat Konnection Promo Video

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  1. I think post the breakup with Kareena…Shahid has definitely become thinner,…hope its not the Tashan influence…like really…he used to have a healthy look…he needs a gf asap…! and a haircut!

  2. The long hair gives him a manly look, instead of his usual boyish look. I like him in this pic. Sans the weird black thing in his hands and his shoes….

  3. faguar? i hardly think so. a little harsh, don’t you think?

    I like his hair this way. Other than the jeans I think he looks good!

  4. Loving the long hair, he looks hot. Hair would need a cut soon though.
    T-shirt’s looking x-tra good on him , jeans ok to go grocery shopping in… not for a promo event but then i like casually dressed un-stylized guys (shahid’s not one of them but i still love him) …but he’s super hot these days so all is maaf 😉

  5. I think he is trying too hard to look cool! Maybe to oudi the “cool dude” tag that Saif is so famous for. But he really doesn’t need to try hard….he’s cute anyways even without the long hair and sruffy jeans…

  6. oh man ! for the first time i actually think Shahid is HOT.. really do.. check him out in the first snap- casual and great to look!!! yeah, wish he cut those denims.. i am happy KK left him..

  7. oh he is soo soo hot. i’ve loved him ever since he put the chunni over ash’s head in that Taal song, hehehe, yes i am that geeky about movies!


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