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At the promotions of her movie, Shahana was seen in a black silk shirt paired with an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla skirt and boots. The idea to tone down the skirt by pairing it with a black top was a good one but the balloon sleeve here worn that slick hair threw proportions off. A white full sleeve bodysuit paired with a sleeveless black long vest would’ve been how I’d tone down that skirt.

Did you like as is?

Shahana Goswami

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. God these designers need to have mercy on the poor unsuspecting celebs and not subject them to such atrocities. That is one fugly skirt I’m sorry and the pairing needed to be handled with care (if not disdain).

  2. Change the hair to a sleek updo and vintage round studs, go in for a pair of new gen juttis and I’d call this look a winner.

    The hair looks real bad here. The real villain.

  3. Softer hairdo, lighter eye makeup, and skipping the heavy bangles would have made the balloon sleeves tolerable but as it stands, it’s a miss.

  4. Material’s used by AJSK for most of his designs are really cheap and too much blinzy. Other day, Sanjana Sanghi’s saree also looked like too much glittery. He is like tailors who say, “only stitching charge you need to pay, material is on us”.

  5. God we are in an Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla overload nightmare now ! All their designs are horrible and tacky but somehow they seem to be arm-twisting the celebs and the entire industry into turning up in them.

  6. Ok these pictures from Abu Jani Event have just started coming in- and pretty everyone was wearing horrendous clothes- MONEY CANNOT BUY STYLE- 100% true. but some of these people otherwise have style, so how did the Designer Duo convince them to wear these awful clothes. (Wait till Mrs Bacchan’s hair scrunchy around the neck photo comes in- which at first I thought was a yellow shower cap and I will share this comment again when that picture comes in :)) – Sorry on a serious note, the clothes are so sad that it shows how Lost most people with money are..(I had a friend who would say #KutchBhi after every sentence- bas that’s the appropriate word). Also the worst dressed was the Designer himself- wearing fish net stockings turned into gloves (Face Palm).

  7. Sahana has a smart and vivid presence that would be best showcased in non-fussy silhouettes and offbeat sarees – which Shefali and Tabu are getting right off late. It’s such a pity that she’s opting for these outfits that overwhelm her persona


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