Red lips, ponytails and ruffle tops… Whose take on it did you prefer?

Love the red lips on Ayesha but neck-down, she seems quite dressed-down compared to everyone else at the event. Seema takes this one even though black-on-black is predictable!

Seema Khan (Left) And Ayesha Takia At Burberry Bash Hosted By Christopher Bailey

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


        • Bright orangey-red lips with bright yellow dress. Hmm. It’s not hypocrisy, it’s just bad pairing. Kangna did red but a bright hue not like these two. Cheers to you too! :)


          • I think with the above two photos, since the girls didnt really have color going on with their outfit, the red lips were okay if they had done it better…ayesha’s makeup is too much for me.
            Also, I don’t think it’s hypocrisy.. just because you like one LBD on a person doesn’t mean you have to like the other. You have to look at the context and kangna doing red lips with bright yellow ended up looking horrible. You have to see if it goes with the outfit also.


          • Hmm.. lets see here… so first you made the blanket statement “Kangana doesnt wear red, she wears a maroonish shade”. But now all of a sudden it’s orangey-red.

            I get it…You just want to criticize Kangana’s red/maroonish/orangey-red shade. Sounds like the explanation is all over the place. Cold war with Kangna? Anyways point taken. Whatever Kangna’s shade, you dont like.

            And please dont make blanket statements. (your own archives do you in!!)


  1. it’s AYESHA a 100% for me..
    Seema Khan’s pants look old and unwashed and dont fit well…
    ayesha, on the other hand, look neat and tidy and well put together.




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