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For her recent set of outings, Sara stuck to suits, picking either simple printed ones or lace-trimmed ones each time. Matching jootis aside, when not wearing glass bangles, silver jewelry rounded out the actor’s look. Like what you see?

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I am aware that light coloured cotton salwar kameez is everyday wear in India, but Sara wears this look so often and in such a same studied way that it’s beginning to feel like a costume. A way to differentiate herself from the starlet brigade and project a girl next door, everywoman vibe. Or maybe I’m just too jaded at this point!

    • Very well written. I sort of agree with you. It appears to be a PR stunt. These curated ‘everyday’ looks seems too good to be true. Very comfy and relatable for regular folks. And helps the celebs to maintain an image in the media/public. So i guess, we all win.

    • My thoughts exactly. However, she could still remain relatable and keep her style cachet with slightly better fitted outfits. These tend to border on the frumpy. This was literally me 25 years ago.

    • EVERYTHING Bollywood celebs do is curated. Every action, word and outfit of theirs is driven by the “what’s in it for me” factor. So, Deb, you are not jaded but just very observant 🙂

    • Yep! Not authentic. Sara dresses to a formula: Cotton suit + stacked bangles + juttis = ‘relatable’.

      Which in itself is alright I guess, in such a PR driven, ‘image’ conscious industry.

      I wish she’d just pick good suits at least. There are so many indie labels making beautiful handloom or hand block print/hand embellished suits. If not designer, good quality cotton, linen and khadi are so easily available in India. It’s not hard to find some yardage and get good looking clothes made.

  2. LOVE all of them! Especially the last white one, that deserves its own post. It’s so nice for celebrities to wear relatable fashion which is not out of reach for the commoners. Can’t go wrong with simple suits, Sara has made them cool as she looks so comfortable. Don’t remember any celebrity before her wearing these so often!

  3. I like what she’s wearing. Quite relatable and comfortable. Especially the first one. There is nothing as simple and classic as a white block printed churidar kurta and dupatta.


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