An Upgrade


After this, anything would have been an upgrade but we like how Sania bounced right back with a grey dress. We didn’t expect her to wow us (and don’t either) but at least she didn’t give us something worse. If we had to change one thing about this look, it would have to be the bow belt.

As for the tan lines: just another occupational hazard we’ll have to ignore (like Hrithik’s hair and beard :P).


Sania Mirza at Kaifi Azmi Tribute Event Organized by Shabana Azmi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The tan lines can be worked on easily with just a bit of spray on bronzer / tanning product. I get the occupational hazard thing, but it looks really bad. That being said, to each their own

    She does look great in the gray dress.


    • If I was a tennis player I would not do what you recommended (it IS an easy fix for sure) just because I would want to rub it in everyone’s face that I’m a sexy tennis player. But that’s just me.


      • I agree with you @Sharin ! . If I were a fit sports person like Sania is , then i would love to flaunt that because it would be my hard earned tan lines instead of the all over tan that the glam people show off which is acquired at the tanning booths/bottle spray.
        Isn’t fake tanning normally done to show that a person is out in the sun and is fit?




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