Serving Up Black Two Ways


Be it a black romper or an all-black look with a shirt and skinny jeans, Neha manages to hit it out of the ball-park both times. But, we’ll have to add that the romper look is a slight favorite of ours just because it’s been a while we’ve seen someone do it well. What about for you?


Neha Dhupia
Left: At Fiat Diesel Drive Event
Right: at Kaifi Azmi Tribute Event Organized by Shabana Azmi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The svelte, sultry young thing in the chic romper can’t be the same person as the tired and overweight-looking lady with aunty hair in the second pic… can she?

    Full marks for the romper outfit. She got everything right, from the accessories to the hair to the pose. And those shoes! I WANT.


    • I agree with the fact that they look like totally different people with dif personalities and everything! Left=hottie Right=aging hottie.

      However, I picked NEITHER because the romper just doesn’t do anything for her makes her legs look really heavy, her curves just aren’t accentuated and those shoes (paired with the fact that her leg is already chopped) makes her legs look like little stubs. Just compare with the photo on the right where she got her proportions right. That’s just me nit picking though.. in general I STILL don’t like this outfit because while she does look hot (neck up love the hair and makeup), it’s just a little too hip hop girl in a music video for me. It makes me laugh. Pic on the right… too tired looking.




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