Well Suited

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Clearly, there are suits that work, and then there are those that don’t…

If you can manage to tear your eyes off of Jon, notice Salman’s belt, sure deserves special attention!

Salman Khan
Jon Abraham

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  1. john’s suit is obviously better – salman, well he is nice in movies but his clothes are always a bit on the UMMMOKAYSIDE – the most surprising accessory he sports is his belly ring – please tell me is it common for men to have their belly peirced? in indian culture maybe? fill me in on this or is this just a fashion statement by him

  2. sb,
    It is soooo not common! In fact, I thought I spotted him in one in the movie(Mujhse Shaadi Karoge) but haven’t able to find a pic. I wasnt just dreaming.. He does have it pierced! ewwwwww!!!!

  3. Its strange that the bollywood actresses after spending all the money on designer clothes, bags, jewellery end up looking like wheyys half the time, and here’s a man (JOHN, of course) in a basic suit, looking so very HOT!!!

  4. John is just hot on default 😉
    but that suit is incredibly stylish and wel-tailored for him
    I haven’t found Salman to be atractive since the early 90’s, and his clothes are usually ugly and …strange

  5. both of them are really overrated when it comes to looks ( i won’t talk about talent because thats nothing worth talking about). If they were real life people, they wouldn’t get a second look from me. Specially John with his acne scarred face OR Salman with his 5 foot 6 steriod enduced body. He looks like uncleji trying to look young, mutton dressed as lamb

    I see better looking guys at my college all the time.

  6. I tend to like these 2 because they seem so approachable and down to earth….and they are generally nice to people. I can’t say the same thing about other actors! But John looks much much better here….

  7. Obviously John looks better because it is tailored to his body and he is just YUM. Salman looks tired here but in the other pictures of the event, he looks much better than usual! This suit is a bad fit for him and the shirt does not help either!

  8. Guys,

    No matter what Salman wears, It works!! You know why, cos He is not the one who follows a brand but he is a brand icon by himself.. Love u !!!

  9. hahahah I LOVE how your comment says “if you can tear your eyes away from John” because even before I finished reading your caption my eyes were already on John.. and then I read your caption for the pic and had a good laugh 😛 you girls are funny! love this blog


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