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Her first appearance in a Masaba appearance wasn’t what we’d call an immediate like but things were better for Sakshi the second time around.

We liked everything about the look minus the hair. You?

Sakshi Dhoni at an Event in Ranchi

Photo Credit: NDTV

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  1. i <3 Sakshi..n Masaba is my fav designer..Sakshi is young(22) n hip..i think dis hairstyle luks gud on her..n goes well with western as well as traditional wear..well thats just my opinion

    • its an ok appearance bt better thn the previous one..
      n u rightly put.. “hers will b an interesting journey to follow”
      she is young n have lot of potential..
      fingers crossed..

  2. SO MUCH better than the first appearance. Thank god for the no boob show ! Yes, the hair could have been tied up or something.

  3. So far I think Masaba designs clothes with a mix of ethnic and her own style. Her designs are quirky but don’t always look great.

  4. why oh why does she have to wear these Masaba atrocities….they’re all the same patchwork-color block sarees.Seriously , think I saw similar ones in local silk shops here. Ditch those Sakshi and leave them to the oldies.Would love to see her is something more feminine and pretty

  5. Hair is OKish but she is a very pretty girl. That’s the most traditional thing I’ve seen from Masaba yet – and the most beautiful!

  6. Masaba’s designs (the thought and creativity) are great but the delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

    Her stiching sticks out like a sore thumb…check the pouch formations on the color block border on the saree. Happens almost everytime..there is no polish or refinement despite her consistent creativity. That will prove a big minus if she wants to enter the big league.

    The clothes should look effortless…most of her clothes even the ones at big events lok very arts & crafts high school kinda quality which is sad. She must watch out and get better tailors and pay more attention to the finish.

    • wow u hit it on the nail….there is something about masaba’s clothes that don’t quite gel with me, most of the times its the finish or the other times its the lack of balance. This sari would be beautiful if done on a lighter material..the silk looks too bulky, another prime example of this is the polka dot sari that sonam wore…great idea but once again in my opinion the fabric was off as it seemed that the sari did not drape correctly. I think with time Masaba will learn about balance and finish and the necessity of those two components in a garment…she just needs to be surrounded by people who tell her the truth and of course proper tailors

      • True, someone should call this out to her and I hope she reads this blog and takes some gyan.Your comment on Sonam’s saree was exactly what I thought too :))

        I for one wouldn’t step out in badly tailored clothes how ever good they look, irrespective of a bargain deal…am sure celebrities apply that rule heavy and thick. Hope she gets it right soon while she’s in the limelight as one of the best budding designers, like Heidu Klum says “In fashion one day you are in, and the next day you are out” !

  7. I like Masaba as a concept but somehow the outcome just doesnt click.It always make me cringe like ‘almost there’.something is terrible missing.As far Mrs. Dhoni is concerned she looks ewwww with so much hair on her face.Her face contours are never visible with hair everywhere.

  8. Everything about her screams college kid to me so I looked up her age and voila I had my answer. The hair, the kajal-ed eyes, the makeup is so standard in my university. It doesn’t matter if she’s married she isn’t going to invoke the fashion gods of effortless sophistication. It’s something she will learn over time especially with saris.

    At least she is going in the right direction. She could be pulling a few blingy MM saris following the general trend but she isn’t. Wearing chamak Chalo saris isn’t every girl’s dreams and Masaba is probably the way I would go if I ever wanted to wear Saris. MM just isn’t cool enough.

    • i totally agree that MM blingy sarees are not everyone’s delight… but masaba’s diastrous creations… (if u call em creations… i call em creations… i call em accidents) are certainly not for her…
      there are many more designer to choose from.. I am wondering .. has she ever heard of Satya Paul and Sabyasachi Mukherjee??


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